Fuel saving tips

There are a few things, that you could do to save fuel whilst driving. On this page I am going to tell you what wastes fuel and tips to save it.

Save weight  

I’m not saying go on a diet and eat salad but, save weight in your car. For example, a car with it’s boot full of shopping, will burn more fuel than the same car with an empty boot.

If there is anything in your car, that you don’t need in there, simply remove it and you will be amazed what a difference it can make.


Don’t have a lead foot

Driving in a higher gear, at lower speeds will dramatically save fuel. Don’t red line the rev counter, the lower the revs the less fuel you will burn.




Turn it off in a Que

If your stuck in a que, turn your engine off. When your car is idling, it is still using fuel. If you think your going to be stuck longer than 20 seconds turn your car off. A lot of modern cars have start stop which does this for you to save fuel.



Air conditioning

Air con, is one of the worst for burring fuel. Some times turning off the air con can save you up to 20% of your fuel. If you don’t need it on, simply turn it off.


Don’t drain your battery

Anything that drains your battery will burn fuel, so having your music loud, heating, charging your phone, will all cause more fuel to burn. If your battery is in not good health, this also will waste fuel, due to the alternator trying to recharge it.




Manufactures spend fortune’s on making their cars aerodynamic, the more wind resistance the more fuel it will burn. Closing windows and sunroofs will make your car more aerodynamic saving you fuel. If you have a roof box or bars, removing these will also save fuel, making the car more aerodynamic and saves weight.



This is a lot easier said than done. So rather than traveling at rush hour, with constant stopping and starting in ques, travel at times with less traffic, this will make a huge difference in saving fuel.


Plan ahead

This involves avoiding unnecessary stopping and starting. For example, slow down to wait for the traffic lights to change, rather than completely stop at them



If your tyres are under inflated, not only will it cause them to ware faster, it will also save fuel. So, check your tyres are inflated to the correct level.



Regular servicing

A well maintained, healthy engine will be more fuel efficient than the opposite. Keeping to the manufactures service intervals will save you fuel.